What We Do

What we do…

The goal is to learn through doing. Doing and sharing ones subject knowledge with others. The SCA encourages historical research and recreation, and most importantly: preserving a code of conduct, mentality and philosophy that, in many ways, is lacking in the modern world. We do this in several different ways.


Throughout the “Knowne Worlde” (US, Canada, Europe, Australia & the South Pacific), there are events and happenings nearly every weekend (usually within a few hours drive) An event is where we gather to engage in our various pursuits in the SCA… To fight and fence in a tournament or war, to show off our latest creations, to take or teach classes, etc, etc. At camping events, we’ll entertain guests in our encampments; and at larger events we’ll catch up with friends from far away.


Fairly frequently we will do a presentation for the general public, known as a “demo.” We do educational demos for schools and libraries; recruiting at public fairs, sometimes in shopping malls or at community sponsored cultural events. Please see your Gallery for for photos and news articles about demos we’ve done in the past!