Rapier Combat

Safety and consideration for our fellow rapier fighters is a foremost concern in SCA rapier play, followed closely by the ideals of Honor, Courtesy, and Chivalry. We utilize various types of metal blades and modified modern fencing gear to recreate civilian combats from the late 1400’s down through the end of theSCA period, 1600 (such as Shakespeare chronicled in ‘Romeo and Juliet’).

We differ from Olympic style fencing in our use of slicing cuts, secondary weapons such as daggers, extra swords, cloaks and the like, and non-linear movement; we’re not restricted to back-and-forth movement found on a modern Olympic strip!

Hits are determined the same way in armoured combat, vis-a-vis the honor system based on recognition of the blows received. However, our blows are not struck with as nearly as much force as armoured combat.

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