Welcome to the Shire of Greyhope

Pots and Pens

September 16, 2017

A day of Cooking, Calligraphy and
anything else we can come up with!

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Tracy United Methodist Church

1702 US-35
Hamlet, IN 46532

Site hours: 9am - 9pm Saturday

Site is fully handy cap accessible


Tracy is located on U.S. 6 & 35 about 10 miles south of LaPorte, Indiana

Tracy is on the south side of U.S. 6

Coming east on U.S. 6 from Westville
Tracy is 14 miles east of Westville - on the right side

Coming West on U.S 6 from Walkerton
Tracy is 9 miles west of Walkerton - on the left side

Coming south on U.S. 35 from La Porte
Tracy is 3 miles south from the junction of U.S. 35 and U.S. 6 - on the right side

Coming north on U.S. 35 from U.S. 30 (7 miles)
Tracy is one mile west from the junction of U.S. 35 and U.S. 6 - on the left side

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Registration Fee

Adult Day Registration (18+): $15
Adult Day Member Discount Registration (18+): $10

Child Day Registration (6-17): $5

5 and under free

Family Cap of $40 ($30 with membership Discount)
(A Family consists of one or two adults and their underage children)

Lunch - Breadbowls

$5, includes breadbowl, drink and dessert

Lunch Breadbowls

$5 Each

Your choice of

  • Ravioli
  • Mushroom and Bacon Stew
  • Lemon Rice (Vegetarian)

Served with Lemonade and dessert


Event Steward

Cindy Faraone
"B'Gen Van der Sterren"

Troll To come
Lunch Stewards

Jennifer Dreessen
Lady Quenild of Mercia
(219) 765-5980
(before 9pm Central Time)

Merchant Liaison Domina Jael ben Ari

A full Day of classes

    Please contact Event Steward to teach a class

Schedule will be posted soon!

    Class List for Pots & Pens
    Illuminated Letters Make & Take
    Easy Scribe-A-Scroll
    Comic Books in the 15th Century
    Doom! Anglo-Saxon Laws
    Intro to Basic Illumination
    Landsknecht Personas
    Pop-up Pavilion
    Turkish Coffee

    We will also have:

    Scribal Sandbox
    Scroll Holders

Merchants space is available

Please contact event steward

  • No charge for space, but it is limited

Merchant Coordinator:
Domina Jael ben Ari


More info to come, if you would like to teach a class, please contact event steward


Class Name

SCA Name




THL Brynn Herliefsson

Think scrolls are limited to just paper, paint, and ink? Come discuss the many other forms scrolls take. See how wood carvers, glass artists, cooks, and many others make scrolls, and discuss what exactly is required to make a scroll a scroll!


Illuminated Letters Make & Take


You can do illumination! Join us to paint an illuminated letter and take it home (or donate a blank!). All supplies are provided.


Easy Scribe-A-Scroll

Johannes von Narrenstein

Help the Signet! Half an hour of C&I instruction in an easy hand, one hour scribing a basic scroll text, for use by TRM.


Comic Books in the 15th Century

Balthasar the Painter

Think you know the history of comic books? Think they are a modern invention? THINK AGAIN. Come learn how medieval craftsmen combined pictures, word balloons, and text to create the REAL original comic book!


Doom! Anglo Saxon Laws

Oswyn of Badon

A look at the law codes for Kent and Wessex that make up what we know about Anglo Saxon laws. Some of the more humorous ones deal with drinking and livestock so somewhat food related. Come learn what will really get you in trouble in Anglo Saxon England!


Anti-brewing: Vinegar 101

Oswyn of Badon

A discussion of how vinegar is made in period with tasting of a variety of vinegars.


Introduction to Basic Illumination

Birgythe Muller

If you've ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed by the thought of creating a medieval illumination for a scroll, please join us! In this class, we will trace an initial, choose gouache colors, and paint... nothing fancy or scary or stressful, just a bunch of friends coloring inside the lines! (And even if you go outside the lines, we won't kick you out, I promise.) All ages and skill levels welcome.


Landsknecht Personas

Ehrenfried Schertenlieb

An introduction to German Landsknecht persona and history.


Turkish Coffee a Brief History

Lady Quenild of Mercia

A brief history of coffee and it's customs. As well as preparation of Turkish style coffee


EZ Up Tent Conversion

Lady Quenild of Mercia

How to convert a modern pop up tent into a pavilion


The Impact of New World Foods

Kitta Godulfr

An overview of the foods introduced to European cuisine through contact with the Americas and how it changed the way people ate.


What Were the Natives Eating When Europeans Landed?

Kitta Godulfr

A brief overview ( continuation of the other class) of foods indigenous to the Americas (if needed) and cooking a few Native dishes, including American Wild Rice, a "Three Sisters" soup, and some indigenous beverages.


Islamic Geometric Design

Kitta Godulfr

History of geometric design used in Islamic and Eastern arts, with Hands-on instruction and a chance to create your own designs!


Making Libum

Domina Lucretia Marcella

Make a delicious herbed cheese bread with a lightly sweet honey drizzle.


Making Period Paintbrushes

Master Justice McArtain

Making a period paintbrush you get to take home. No cost for materials, just time to do it. If you have in your scribal kit Exacto knives, please bring them with you.


Award Texts

Master Justice McArtain

A talk and open discussion of what text needs to go on scrolls, examples, and how to not write the same thing over and over.


A Sampling of Ottoman Sherbets and Syrups

Iacobo ibn Daoud

A sampling of various Ottoman cold sweet fruit beveragees. Come thirsty. There will be a short overview, and you will walk away with some sample recipes.


Beaded Daisy

B'Gen Van der Sterren

Make a beaded daisy in the style of 15th/16th Century Venice.


scroll holders


scribal sandbox


More to come


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More to come


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